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WiFi Design & Engineering

Our team can support your wireless networking needs with a network that can handle whatever your users throw at it.

More Than 50+ Combined Years of Wireless Expertise Have Taught Us a Thing or Two About Building Networks That Work

With the growing number of user devices requiring WiFi connectivity, a properly planned, designed, and engineered WiFi network is crucial to every business. Avoid bottlenecks, maintain great speeds, and enjoy a reliable network that your team can depend on – that’s the value of a well-engineered wireless network.

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Expertise You Can Trust

We have worked with all major brands of wireless devices across a variety of commercial and industrial sites.

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End-to-End Wireless Service

We provide an “all-inclusive” engineering experience, owning the entire wireless network design process.

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Thorough Capacity Planning

The more users/devices your network has, the more important proper capacity planning and needs analysis becomes.

Working With Us

Keeping Network Design Simple & Efficient

One of our greatest strengths is our agility and flexibility. Whether you need us to redesign your existing network in an existing facility or plan your new one while your new space is being built, we can design a network for any type and size of facility.

For a building in the early stages, we have advanced simulation capabilities that allow us to create what-if-scenarios, such as moving or replacing access points, obstruction testing, increasing network load, or using different network adapters.

Our Proven 3-Step Process

Step One: Site Survey

Our team conducts a passive survey to determine current network coverage as well as understand what neighboring networks may potentially interfere with the network we are designing.

By verifying that we have a clear understanding of your site and specific RF environment, we ensure that these variables are properly considered in the new network design.

Step Two: On-Site Coverage Review

Using an enterprise-grade access point, we physically test locations for coverage, obstruction, and wireless penetration levels. 

While we have a good understanding of where these areas should be based on our simulations, our experience has shown that there is no replacement for on-site testing.

Step Three: Analysis & Design Delivery

Once our surveys are complete, our team analyzes our findings and prepares a report. Think of this report as your WiFi cheat code.

The report contains:

  • A review of the access point locations
  • Test information specific to each AP location, including RF coverage, signal level, data rate/throughput, and any other data you request.
  • Expected network coverage/strength relative to your floorplan, presented as a heatmap overlaid your floorplan

Based on the information in the above reports, our technicians create a network that:

  • Guarantees optimal network coverage for each site
  • Outlines the best AP locations on each floor for full (and redundant) wireless coverage.

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"When you are facing a need for wireless, to meet a critical business need for your organization’s network, Wi-Fi Integrators knows exactly what to do! We have many diverse needs at our sites, and they always come through for us to quickly address everything that we need. Their engineering is detailed and thorough. They are personable, reliable and provide the best in class service. When we are faced with network needs, they are my “go to” for assistance. I highly recommend them!"

Roger Hall
Caesar Rodney School District

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