By: Bob Carmody

Your network is the backbone of your organization, storing and organizing your data and supporting the tools and assets your employees need to get the job done. The proliferation of devices, data, and people over the years
has made IT infrastructure more complex than ever, prompting businesses to look for innovative, cost-effective ways to manage their growing infrastructure. 

As such, many organizations are turning to networks and other IT infrastructure that leverage cutting-edge AI (
artificial intelligence) to keep everything humming along smoothly. 

The Benefits of AI Driven Infrastructure
 with Mist

Mist Systems is on 
the cutting edge of AI-driven wireless networking. Their extensive team of data scientists and cloud architects have decades of wireless expertise and have built the first truly innovative WLAN platform to debut in the past decade. 

At the core of every Mist wireless solution is 
the Mist cloud. This modern microservices cloud architecture allows you to smoothly scale up or down to meet your digital transformation needs without sacrificing operational simplicity. Mist offers a wide selection of subscription services that make it easy to implement a cloud or hybrid networking solution, regardless of company size or vertical. 

This model allows users to purchase one subscription service or mix and match multiple services to achieve the perfect blend of engagement, analytics, insights, connectivity, and troubleshooting. This innovative à la carte approach allows you to create a network that is 
perfectly tailored to meet your needs and empowers your team so they can stay focused on your core business. 

Mist’s AI-driven cloud service offerings include:

  • WiFi Assurance: Robust WLAN with customizable service levels, automated event correlation, dynamic packet capture, inline policy engine, personalized WLANs, guest WiFi, and more. 
  • Marvis Virtual Assistant: This revolutionary AI supports simple, natural language queries and offers integrated help desk functions, giving you unprecedented insight into your network. Marvis uses this insight to offer rapid, proactive WiFi problem resolution. 
  • User Engagement: Real-time location-based data delivers a rich user experience, allowing you to offer turn-by-turn directions and proximity-based notifications and alerts using Virtual Bluetooth LE. Best of all? No battery beacons or manual calibration required. 
  • Wired Assurance: Pairing robust data from Junos switch telemetry with the Mist microservices cloud and AI engine to offer simpler operations, shorter average repair times, and better end-user experience visibility. 
  • WAN Assurance: a cloud subscription service that enables simpler operations, better visibility into the end-user experience, and shorter average WAN repair times. 
  • Premium Analytics: Accelerate your digital transformation with end-to-end network visibility and business insights. 
  • Asset Visibility: Easily locate high-value assets such as wheelchairs, pallets, and equipment carts and identify nearby medical professionals or sales associates. The asset visibility service also offers traffic analytics, giving you the information you need to make better business decisions and optimize resource allocation. 
  • Risk Profiling: Bring your network security to the distributed access network edge, including campus, branch, and work-from-home sites, allowing you to extend your security beyond your perimeter without the need for additional tools. Should a wired or wireless asset become infected, it will be assigned a threat score determined by the Juniper ATP Cloud. 

Mist AI-driven wireless solutions offer: 

  • Predictable, reliable, and measurable WiFi 
  • Simple and cost-effective wireless operations 
  • Location services 

Tailored wireless solutions like the ones offered by Mist give you a network designed to meet your needs, not the other way around. The intuitive AI uses machine learning to troubleshoot common issues automatically, freeing up your internal IT staff for
 more complicated tasks and other projects.   

For more information about how AI is transforming wireless networking, please consider reading Mist’s whitepaper: 
Bringing Artificial Intelligence to Wireless Networking: the Journey to a Virtual Wireless Assistant. 

Learn More with Mist’s Wired & Wireless Wednesday Weekly Demos

AI-driven WiFi sounds like a dream come true: fast, reliable WiFi that practically manages itself, freeing up your staff for more important projects while minimizing costs.

If you want to see Mist’s AI in action, you may want to consider attending one of their live weekly 
Wired and Wireless Wednesday demos. Each week, Mist’s experts explain how they can offer the industry’s best access layer for wired and wireless networks by increasing network reliability, predictability, and measurability. They also discuss how Mist AI’s cloud services can be leveraged to support digital transformation. 

Attendees learn how to:

  • Build the network of the next decade using Mist AI and a microservices cloud 
  • Improve the user, device, and client experience across a unified wired and wireless network 
  • Quickly and easily gain network insights and answers 
  • Automate operations with an eye on simplifying troubleshooting using self-driving networks 
  • Deliver innovative location services using Mist’s cutting-edge Virtual Bluetooth LE 

Once you learn the basics, Mist gives you and your team the opportunity to try out the tech for yourself. 
All qualified end-user attendees receive a free AP and EX23000-C switch, as well as a complimentary 90-day cloud service subscription. 

Should My Company Choose WiFi Integrators & Mist?

A fast, reliable network is vital for the success of your business, so choosing the right provider to meet your needs is critical. 
Our team of experts has more than 50+ years of combined extensive WiFi design and engineering experience, as well as the hardware experience you need to get your network up and running quickly and smoothly. 

Should your network encounter any issues, 
our friendly team is here to help you diagnose and troubleshoot the root cause of the issue, rectify the situation, and take steps to prevent similar issues from occurring in the future. 

We choose to work with valued partners like 
Mist (now a part of Juniper) because they share our customer-focused approach to business and commitment to providing high-quality products at competitive prices. We never suggest products we wouldn’t use ourselves, which is one of the reasons WiFi Integrators is known for our honest advice, commitment to quality, and world-class customer service. 

For more information about Mist’s AI-empowered wired and wireless networking solutions, please 
sign up for the next Wired and Wireless Wednesday webinar today