By: Bob Carmody 

The internet has become a critical educational tool, both inside and outside the classroom. Fast, reliable internet access allows teachers to lean on trusted resources to enhance the educational experience and help keep students engaged.  

Why WiFi is Better Than Wired 

Wireless connections offer many benefits over wired connections.  

Think Beyond the Classroom 

A wireless network means your students and teachers are no longer confined to their desks or even to the classroom. A reliable WiFi connection means a science or art lesson can take place outside, and a gym teacher can enhance her lessons using video or other online educational tools and resources.   

This flexibility means teachers are better empowered to approach learning creatively, drawing on a variety of digital tools to best support educational goals and customize their approach to best meet their students’ needs.

One-on-One Computing

Opting for a wireless network also means that the number of connected devices is not dictated by the number of wired connections available. This means that each user can connect to the network using their own laptop, giving each student constant access to the tools they need to succeed while also allowing teachers to best leverage technology in the classroom. 

Wireless networks are also ideal for supporting BYOD devices, such as phones and tablets, further empowering educators and enhancing the learning experience. 

Instantly Access a Wealth of Information

The internet is an amazing tool that allows anyone with a connection to access a plethora of information from anywhere in the world. Being able to effectively leverage this powerful tool in the classroom is essential to modern education and can help educators explain complex concepts while also keeping students engaged. 

Defraying the Cost with E-Rate Funding

The ongoing proliferation of digital learning technologies paired with the need to connect students and teachers has caused a steady rise in demand for bandwidth in schools. However, infrastructure costs can be high, and not all districts have the budget to support a network upgrade. 

To help ensure all schools and districts, regardless of budget constraints, have access to the same cutting-edge technologies, the US government introduced E-rate, which is managed and supported by the Universal Service Fund. E-rate makes technology more affordable for schools and libraries by offering discounts that can be applied to telecommunications, internet access, and internal connections for eligible institutions, with the school or district sharing costs with the US government. These discounts range from 20% to 90% on their WiFi and other networking equipment, depending on the poverty level of the school or library in question. Rural schools and libraries may also receive a higher discount. 

A full list of eligible services for the 2021 school year can be found here. 

More information about the E-rate application process can be found here. 

How WiFi Integrators for Innovation Can Help You Keep Your School Connected

Whether your school is investing in WiFi for the first time or upgrading your current network, the experts at WiFi Integrators for Innovation are here to help. Our friendly team will sit down with you and help you determine your WiFi needs and design a custom wireless networking solution built using products produced by our trusted partners to meet those needs and requirements. 

We have been working with K-12 educational institutions for years, offering WiFi staging, configuration, deployment, and validation services to ensure your WiFi network is continuing to meet your needs. We pride ourselves on making classroom rollouts go as smoothly as possible, from unpacking, inventory, and labeling to the configuration and deployment of access points (APs). We also offer ongoing support and troubleshootingso your teachers and administrators can focus on educating and supporting your students and leave the IT to the experts. 

We have deployed tens of thousands of APs in schools over the years and have been told by many clients how pleased they are with our speed and efficiency. 

We Design with Your Needs, Not our Bottom Line, in Mind

Though we have existing relationships with many trusted vendors, we never favor one vendor over another. Instead, we begin by assessing your needs and designing your solution, and then determine which vendor products are best suited to meet your unique connectivity needs. 

Support Remote Learning Initiatives: We Provide the APs, You Provide the WiFi

With many students swapping their desks for the kitchen table, ensuring all students have access to reliable WiFi has prompted some school districts to get creative.  

If your school has students without reliable home internet access, we can work with you to help provide students with APs that they can take home, giving them the hardware they need to remain connected and engaged by participating in video calls, accessing online resources, and completing their assignments in a timely fashion. 

The internet has become an essential educational tool, allowing teachers to draw on a wealth of information to best inform their lesson plans and giving students access to the educational tools they need to succeed. You can help support your students and educators by investing in a wireless solution that has been designed with your school or district’s unique needs and requirements in mind. 

For more information about our wireless solutions, or to begin the design process, please contact our team today.